Mount Adams Baptist Church
Monday, August 02, 2021
Trout Lake, WA

Children's Sunday School



Due to COVID-19, we are currently not meeting for Sunday School.



Sunday Mornings in the Summer

9:30 - 10:30 a.m.
4 years - 1st grade
(2nd grade - 5th grade attend the adult class with their family)


With these lessons, you'll introduce preschoolers to key age-appropriate topics such as:
  • God Loves Me--Who God is and what he means to me
  • I Can Love Others--How God wants us to treat others
  • I Can Love God--How God wants me to share his love
Wtitten by seasoned teachers and children's ministers, these ready-to-go lessons really work with young children. Simply review the simple instructions, gather the easy-to-find supplies, and watch your preschoolers grow!

Take a look at what the kids will be learning!!!

Part 1: A Look at Myself
What Can I Do?
Honor God by doing what he asks.
Green With Envy
Give thanks for what we have and for what others have.
Frightening Fears
See that God is bigger than fears. God takes care of us.
What Makes Me Special?
Celebrate our uniqueness.
Part 2: A Look at My Relationships
Friends Forever
Be a friend by showing God's love.
Being Kind
Understand the importance of kindness and practice it.
Learning to Share
Learn to share our gifts.
Lend a Helping Hand
Reach out to people who are hurting.
Part 3: A Look at My Faith
Who Is God?
Learn about God's love, care, and gifts.
Who Is Jesus?
Discover Jesus is with us wherever we go.
Talking to God
Know God hears and answers prayers.
God’s Gift—Forgiveness
Know Jesus forgives us and wants us to forgive others.
Heaven: Home, Sweet Home
Talk about our home where we'll live forever with God.
To accent lessons, the kids may see an animated series ...


Come and join us as we study scripture with the help of Theo.  Theo is a kindly English pastor, who loves God and loves teaching His Word to children and their families around the world. He lives in a cottage in the Cotswolds along the River Coln with a group of animal friends, using these as inspiration and springboards to teach his Bible lessons.  This summer join us and learn about God's Love, God's Grace, God's Heart, God's Truth and God's Desire along with Theo's friends!


  LUTHER                         BELFRY                          BAYLEY                         SCRATCH                      BUMPER

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Fall - Spring Sunday School

9:30 - 10:30 a.m.

Ages 4 - 1st grade class


2nd grade - 5th grade class

Family Friendly - get kids and parents talking about God at home!



Sunday School Curriculum

FaithWeaver Sunday school curriculum weaves together a family's journey in faith by teaching the same Bible truth across all age levels. This way, families can apply those truths together in their daily lives,growing individually in their faith and as a family unit.


FaithWeaver gets families talking

We all know the greatest influences on faith are the conversations that happen at home.  Whether at the kitchen table or in the car, FaithWeaver makes it easy for families to talk about the Bible and their faith.


FaithWeaver encourages family development


To see what your children are learning, click here and visit Scope and Sequence!